Retractable Awnings, Retractable Shades and Solar Shades by Eclipse Awning
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Electronic accessories that improve functionally while adding a level of protection

Combining high performance technology with practical features, your Eclipse shading expert can include wireless wind and/or sun sensors which power your awning or screen to automatically respond to the weather in a dependable and effortless manner, adding alevel of protection from possible wind damge.


Somfy WireFree Sun Sensor

Somfy WireFree Sun Sensor automatically extends your Eclipse awning or solar screen once the sun light reaches a predetermined level set by your installer…and will automatically retract in the same fashion, maximizing the effectiveness of you Eclipse solar shading products.

Somfy 3D WireFree Wind Sensor

Somfy 3D WireFree Wind Sensor, wicch is a battery powered accelerometer, attaches to the framework of your awning. When the awning experiences excessive wind, the sensor sends a single to the motor, automatically retracting the unit, providing an added level of protection from possible wind damage.

Somfy Eolis Wind Sensor

The Somfy Eolis Wind Sensor is ideal for Eclipse exterior mounted solar screens. This product will help to protect your investment from strong damaging winds…automatically.

WirefreeSunSensor Somfy Electronic Accessories

Somfy WireFree Sun Sensor

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WirefreeWindSensor Somfy Electronic Accessories

Somfy WireFree Wind Sensor

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EolisWindSensor Somfy Electronic Accessories

Somfy Eolis Wind Sensor

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