Life Under the Awning Blog

Retractable awnings may only seem appropriate during summer months, but the reality is that they can help you and your family enjoy your outdoor living space much longer throughout the year.

During rainy periods, Eclipse retractable awnings can help keep you free from irritation and during the hot summer months, our shading systems can help keep you cool and protected. 

If you live in the Sun Belt, you might even find yourself continuing to use your Eclipse shading products throughout the year. In any part of the country, a few things to look out for are wind gusts or sustained winds 20 miles per hour or higher. Once winds reach this speed, you should retract your awning to keep wind from swooping underneath and lifting the fabric.

You should also keep your retractable awning free of rain puddles and debris so that you’re not promoting mold, rot, or an environment for breeding insects and hose your awning off regularly, using a mild soap to keep the fabric clear from mildew and stains. Brush the underside of your awning regularly to keep spiders away.

If it looks like snow, it’s time to get your awnings tucked away for harsh winter weather. To winterize your awning, just clean using the same simple steps we mentioned above and check for rust on the frame, clearing it off now to prevent future deterioration. When you remove the retractable awning fabric to prepare it for winter storage, be cautious of dragging on any abrasive surface and make sure the awning is completely dry before rolling it.

Eclipse retractable awnings are made of the highest quality 100% acrylic fabric, sewn with UV weather resistant thread to help your awning resist the wear and tear of inclement weather, rot, and stains. Extend the life of your Eclipse Shading Systems® retractable awnings. Whether you’re rolling out your retractable awning to get the sun protection you want or getting ready to put your shading system away for the winter, protect your investment with proper care and maintenance and you’ll see a return in expanded outdoor living space, UV protection for your family, and continued savings on your energy bills.