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How to Throw an Easy Summer BBQ Under the Awning

While throwing summer barbecues and backyard parties can be tons of work, there’s no need to tire yourself out as a host so that you can’t enjoy the party yourself. So, here are some great tips and tricks for making an awesome and easy summer bbq for you and your family to enjoy under the awning!

1. Make it a potluck!

While this may sound like a bit of a cop-out in terms of doing everything yourself, a potluck is always a great and easy way to get everyone involved in the party. Plan on asking a few people for appetizers, side dishes, and shared desserts, this way you can focus on providing the entrees without getting distracted or running short on time because of all of the other set up.

2. Pick easy recipes with simple ingredients that you can make ahead of time.

So if you’re determined to do everything from soup to nuts yourself, the best thing you can do is keep everything as simple as possible. Try to limit each dish to 3-5 ingredients, this way not only will you save money on your party but you’ll also save a ton of time in terms of food prep. Simple appetizers like roasted artichokes or vegetables and homemade dips can be great to kick off parties, while simple marinades of chicken and beef are great and easy entrees for grilling.

3. Set up yard games and music.

If you’re outdoor living area is big enough, set up a few simple yard games like bocce, volleyball, or lawn Twister! And most importantly, don’t forget about the music but don’t scare your neighbors either. Set up a stereo with some of your favorite tunes for your friends to enjoy.

4. Do the big cooking before guests arrive.

This simple, understated rule might be one of the most essential in terms of allowing yourself to enjoy your own party to the fullest extent: do as much of your cooking before the guests arrive as possible, including anything you might need to grill. If anything finishes early, just hold the temperature warm in an oven around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you’re ready to serve, take your meats out to rest for a few minutes before slicing and dicing. Cooking before your guests arrive just means that you’ll have more time to enjoy the party yourself!

5. Simple summer desserts.

The best way to end any barbecue on a hot summer day is with cold desserts. Some of the easiest and most simple cold desserts include ice cream or homemade popsicles. While some adventurers party hosts might opt to make homemade ice cream, this can be a time-consuming and often labor-intensive effort. Popsicles on the other hand just require a few molds and freezer for you to mix up your favorite fruit juices or blends of juice and fruit. The possibilities are endless!

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