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Awning Accessories Can Enhance Your Outdoor Occasions

Spending time outside on your deck or patio under the comfort of an awning is always a must when friends of family are around. The level of comfort is always greatest outside when the weather is warm and the sun isn’t beating down on you. Though you may be able to enjoy occasions like these for some hours during the day, there are many factors that can come into play to disturb this wonderful level of comfort. Fortunately, awning accessories may be the right solution to help you enjoy times like these even more, so don’t let a drop in […]

How An Awning Can Make Your Business Stand Out

Making your business stand out more than the rests is a goal for many, yet it can be a difficult one. Whether it be a restaurant, shop or some form of service provider, being noticed by people passing or recognized by people passing by can benefit you greatly. Of course there are numerous ways of obtaining attention from by passers, but making an addition to the exterior of your business that looks professional and appealing is key. Having existed for centuries, awnings have provided a significant form of advertisement and high level of appeal to businesses throughout the world. With […]

Save Energy (and Money) with Solar Shades

One of the biggest expenses any homeowner faces on a daily basis is energy use, regardless of the season.  A home’s energy consumption adds up quickly, leaving many homeowners wondering how they lower their monthly bills.   Solar shades are a great, “green” addition to your home and windows to help reduce energy loss through windows and doors. But, just how energy efficient are solar shades? The answer? Completely. Solar shades require no energy or electricity to fully function and start protecting you and your family by filtering out harmful UV rays from entering your home while insulating your living […]

Solar Screens Add Form & Function

Solar screens provide the interior of your home with a unique blend of form and function. Unlike traditional window treatments, solar screens provide protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays and added privacy to your home, all in classic style and while saving you money on energy costs. Did you know that more heat and cold is lost through windows than any other part of your home? And most importantly, what are you doing to maintain your home’s energy efficiency while also adding some stylistic appeal? Solar screens maintain the look and feel of a room with their low profile […]

Tips for Keeping Your Retractable Awning Looking Awesome

If you own a retractable awning, you want to keep it in the best shape possible. After all, it is outdoors and exposed to the elements constantly. Whether it’s harsh sunlight, rain and wind, or dirt, dust and outdoor animals like birds and squirrels, your awning is gets exposed to quite a bit day after day. That’s why it’s important to put a little time into caring for your awning and making sure it stays clean. Check out these tips for maintaining your retractable awning and keeping it looking great and in tip-top shape. Use Commercial Awning Cleaners When you […]

What Are Retractable Awnings Made Of?

Retractable awnings have a broad history since the ancient times in Egypt when they were used to provide shade from the hot, blistering sun. Although the use of awnings is not as essential as it was in ancient Egyptian times, they still provide a considerable amount of protection for the sun’s penetrating rays, wind, and rain. Today, residential retractable awnings are used on doors or windows in homes and offices using different styles and materials that are considered aesthetic and creative. Awning Materials In earlier days, awnings were made of materials such as wood, canvas, and metal. However, with time […]