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Let Retractable Screens Improve Your Life

Retractable screens are a fantastic addition to any home. With different options and colours, they blend into the home exterior and can easily be opened and closed to match your need for shade and privacy. Our screens are durable and reliable, and they have multiple benefits as window coverings or for your outdoor living space. These screens are very different than what our customers may have experienced in the past with blinds and permanently installed screened in porches. There is no comparison and, when you consider all the advantages, you will see why. Blocks the Sun Not the View If […]

Stay Comfortable with Roll Up Window Shades

There are many benefits to having a house with a lot of large windows. It creates open spaces, ensures that your home is full of natural light and allows you to enjoy the beautiful views of your community or natural surroundings. On the flip side, you may feel a loss of privacy; see increased cooling and heating costs, and constant glare throughout your home. Fortunately, Eclipse Shading Systems provides roll up window shades that are the solution to these issues while allowing you to still enjoy the benefits of your windows. Seeing Clearly What is the point of having large, […]

Three Advantages of Exterior Solar Shades

Do you need a quick, affordable solution to low-angled sunlight? Outdoor solar shades are ideal for any exterior area, as they reduce much of the heat and glare that comes with excess sunlight. Exterior shades easily protect small outdoor areas, as well as nearby windows, doors, walls, from unwanted UV rays. Solar shades available from Eclipse Shading Systems come in a wide range of colors, styles and designs. Within our impressive selection, you can find the perfect product for your home, based on your preferences and budget. Variety of Colors Essentially, solar shades are designed to reduce UV rays, while […]

Exterior Sun Shades Protect Your Home Inside And Out

Extreme sun exposure calls for high-quality and long-lasting exterior sun shades. Today’s sun shades filter the sun and reduce its glare. They create a perfect atmosphere both inside your home and on patios and decks, even in the most extreme climates. Sun Shades Add Comfort And Save Money By covering your external windows, doors, and patio openings, you are blocking out 97% of the sun’s UV rays and direct heat from passing through the glass windows. Imagine what a savings that is to your pocketbook when you consider cooling costs. From the inside of your house, you are creating a […]

Solar Screens Provide Comfort And Savings For Your Home

Do you have a room in your home that seems to be a lot hotter than the rest of your house? Do you sometimes avoid using those rooms during the warm summer months? If so, the new solar screen systems may be the answer to your problem. They are a highly functional way to make every room in your home comfortable and useable. What Is A Solar Screen? A Solar Screen is a shading system that is mounted on the exterior of your home. Inside shades and blinds will help to keep your home cooler, but by stopping the sun’s […]