The Eclipse Experience

Eclipse Awnings – A Closer Look


Retractable awnings are designed to protect you and your family from the harsh rays of the sun. But they provide many additional benefits to their owners. A high quality retractable shading system will also keep you dry in a light rain, providing there is adequate unit pitch. Eclipse shading systems will also reduce heat gain in your house, eliminate annoying glare, stop interior fabric fading and make your deck or patio a cool, comfortable place to relax and enjoy.

Retractable awnings come in all sizes and varying levels of quality. In general, if you make an investment in a quality retractable awning, you will have made an investment that will last for years to come. Like many outdoor accessories, you can spend very little on a product that will last for a year or two or you can make an investment that will provide years of reliable and beautiful protection from the elements. Please continue reading as we describe the features you should look for in a quality addition to you home.


Eclipse Offers Many Models to Address Your Unique Sun Problem

Although each and every awning we produce is unique and made to order, selecting the correct model is just as important. Your local shading professional will suggest a model that meets your needs and delivers on our promise of long lasting, elegant quality.

For a complete listing of all our awnings and how each of their features compare, click here to download the Eclipse Awning Comparison Chart.

Eclipse Selecting the Correct Awning is Important, Selecting the Best Dealer is Paramount


Our independent dealers are shading specialists. While they will work with you to design your shading system, their strength is often seen in their professional installation. Let’s face it – you want to be fully confident that the individuals installing the 150 to 300+ pound shading system over your head, really know what they are doing! Proper installation includes a diverse understanding of both building construction as well as fasteners. Installation of a retractable awning is not something best left for a do-it- yourselfer or a weekend carpenter. Having your investment installed by a retractable awning specialist will provide a safe environment the entire family can enjoy.