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Large Projections

If You Need A Large Projection, You Need The Commercial Grade Total Eclipse. Unlike other systems available in the states, Eclipse is the only one to provide a commerical-grade, heavy duty system – the Total Eclipse.

The Ultimate in Strength and Performance

If you NEED a large projection, you need the Total Eclipse®. The Total Eclipse uses far more substantial components, hardware and materials to provide superior strength and durability up to 16’6″ projections! So whether you are looking for the best in class performance or need the largest projection available in the country, look no further than the Total Eclipse.

Commercial-Grade Total Eclipse®

  • The Total Eclipse has a 50mm steel torsion bar – that’s 25% larger than other systems.
  • The arms and assembly are larger in extrusion profiles and cast parts.
  • The installation brackets are larger for added strength.
  • The front bar has a larger exterior dimension for the stability required in a unit this size.
  • The casting in the elbow is larger to transfer more tension to the fabric.
  • The ADVANCED BELT TECHNOLOGY® (ABT) is also larger – eleven larger cables for a larger belt