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Limited Space

The Eclipse Cross Arm is a uniquely engineered and specially designed product to cover large (projection) areas that don’t allow very much width. When space is tight, but you still want to cover your deck or patio, don’t worry . . . we have you covered!


This 8’ x 10’ Eclipse Cross Arm is the perfect fit when space is tight. For example, your deck is 8 feet wide and projects 10 feet – many competitor’s awnings can only accommodate a 5 foot projection with the limitations of a narrow mounting area. Not Eclipse! With the Eclipse Cross Arm, our shading system will fit just about any area and cast the maximum amount of on-demand solar protection.

The Eclipse Cross Arm is perfect for condos, town homes, or any space where a large projection is required with a minimum mounting width. The Eclipse Cross Arm encompasses years of research and development. As a result, this product has made over 100,000 (worldwide) space-limited customers cool and happy.

The Eclipse Cross Arm – How It Works

The left shoulder and arm are equipped with special adapters to drop them 4 inches below the right arm assembly. This specially-designed system allows the left arm to pass below the right arm while the awning is retracting, so the paths of the arms actually cross but on different planes. The pictures on this page will give you a better idea of how the ECA works. While this system looks pretty simple, the design is a result of years of research and development. The result is a very cool product that is tried, tested, and built to last!