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Somfy Electronic Accessories

Somfy WireFree sensors work together with your shading system to both increase the efficiency of your awning and protect it when the elements are less than favorable. Wind sensors detect when the wind is too strong, and send a signal to the awning’s motor to automatically retract, thus adding a level of protection against possible damage. Sun sensors will pick up when the sun is too hot or bright on your patio, and will then signal your awning to extend.

Eclipse Lunar Mood Lighting

With the exception of window awnings, this popular accessory is available on most of our retractable awnings. A discreet lighting source is securely attached to the inside of the awning’s front bar, casting a gentle, natural glow onto your deck or patio. It creates a wonderful atmosphere for entertaining in the evenings, giving soft light without attracting insects.

Eclipse Front Drop Shade

This popular accessory is available on our Eclipse, Eclipse Cross Arm and Total Eclipse models. The Eclipse Drop Shade acts as an extension to your existing awning, dropping down vertically from the front end of your awning to give increased protection again low sun, and also providing additional privacy. It retracts into its own housing, and can be motorized, or operated manually.