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Eclipse E-Zip Side Retention Solar & Insect Screens

The name says it all! These screens extend your living space, offer protection from the sun’s glare and heat, and keep insects from bugging you! All while still allowing you to appreciate your view. Available in a variety of colors, sizes and shading densities, these screens add practical, protective beauty to any home.


Eclipse Exterior Cassette Screens

These screens are incredibly effective at reducing the interior temperature of the room, and can cut your air-conditioning costs by up to 40%. In just a few hot summers’ time, they will just about have paid for themselves in energy saving alone. The exterior screens also block out almost 100% of the sun’s UV rays, meaning your furniture, carpets, hardwood floors and artwork are protected. These screens can be motorized or operated manually.


Eclipse Vertical Drop Solar Screens

Our Vertical Drop Solar Screen Shade allows you to filter up to 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and cut out the harsh glare while still allowing you to see out. Stylish and attractive, these drop screens can be motorized and operated with push-button remote control ease.