5" Solar Shade | Commercial Grade, Heavy Duty Solar Screen | Roll up Window Shades

Large Windows Are Not A Problem

The Eclipse 5" Interior Roller Shade is the ideal solution for very large windows, typically found in commercial application. With a giant 3.25" heavy duty roller tube, we are able to create custom shades up to 16' wide (192") with drops up to 132" in a single unit. The 5" is operated with either a geared clutch & steel pull chain or motorized for maximum convenience and efficiency. Order your 5" Roller Shades motorized and add automated sensors to reduce your cooling cost and stop sun glare.

The 5" Roller Shade is available is a wide variety of screen fabrics which conform to GreenGuard® standards, fragrance free, certified flame retardant and anti bacterial.

Retractable Solar Shades Benefits:

  • Solar shades filter the light without blocking your view
  • Stop up to 99% of UV rays, protecting your furniture and carpets from fading
  • Reduce the interior temperature by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, so you save on cooling costs
  • Significantly reduce sun glare on your mirrors, computer and big screen TV.
  • They let filtered light in, but keep the heat out.
  • They are retractable, so you can keep them neatly rolled up and out of sight during the winter months, when you want to increase the amount of light and warmth.

Your Sun Solution

Much like exterior sun shades, Eclipse’s 5" custom made Roller Shades are the perfect solution for very large windows at home, office or showroom. Their strong and rugged construction makes them idea for daily use in busy environments and can greatly reduce cooling cost offering you a greener environment.

Product Highlights

  • Heavy duty residential & commercial
  • Custom made to the 1/8”
  • Maximum width 192” wide for most fabrics
  • Maximum drop 132”
  • 3.25” diameter ribbed aluminum roller tube
  • Manual operation standard – nickel pull chain, beaded
  • Heavy duty geared clutch
  • Optional line voltage quiet motors
  • Optional 5” aluminum fascia
  • Frames are available white & brown
  • Choose from a wide selection of fabric colors, textures and shading densities.
  • All fabrics are certified GreenGuard® and environmentally safe
  • An energy-efficient solution to meeting cooling and lighting needs.
  • 10-year warranty on the hardware
  • Up to a lifetime, limited guarantee on the fabrics, depending on selection.

We also make exterior solar screens, and sun shades for decks, with the same great range of features.

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