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Eclipse Drop Shade

Eclipse Drop Shade | Retractable Shades Accessories

If you have a western facing deck or patio, low sun (rising or setting) may be an issue. While your Eclipse retractable motorized awning is providing excellent overhead protection, the low sun can drive you back inside. For these situations we offer a Drop Shade.

A top selling awning accessory, the Eclipse Drop Shade is your solution for low sun exposure.

The Eclipse Drop Shade is available on many models and is offered on projections up to 16’6″!

The Eclipse Drop Shade option allows you to extend a vertical shade from the front bar up to 48 inches (depending on fabric selected).

The Eclipse Drop Shade is a practical solution for east or west facing installations or when added privacy is desired.

The Eclipse Drop Shade is typically ordered with open weave mesh fabric which allows some light and some air to pass through. This easy to operate option can be driven manually with a hand crank – or with a motor, making it another touch of the button solution!

Eclipse Drop Shade Features

  • Available on the Eclipse model up to 22’ wide by 11’6″ projection and without semi cassette option
  • Available on the Eclipse Premier models up to 22’ wide in all projections and without semi cassette option
  • Available on Total Eclipse model up to 22’ wide by 16’6” projection
  • Available on Prestige Cassette model up to 19’ wide by 13’ projection
  • Fabric drop to a maximum of 48 inches (based on fabric selection), 38” on the Prestige Cassette model
  • Manual or motorized operation on most models, motorized only on the Prestige Cassette
  • Available in a large variety of colors, densities and patterns.
  • Self storing when not in use