Beat The Heat In Florida With Retractable Awnings

Eclipse Shading Systems provide awnings for homes in Florida to enhance the usability of customer’s outdoor recreational spaces. We offer a wide array of awnings, from motorized retractable awnings, solar screens, and window awnings to complement any home. Our exterior sunshades reduce harmful rays from the sun while providing a cooler, more enjoyable outdoor experience.

Affordable Retractable Awnings in a Huge Variety

For Florida residents and businesses, Eclipse Shading Systems currently offers nine types of retractable awnings. A retractable awning is the perfect choice for a customer who is unable to utilize their outdoor space due to direct sunlight and heat. Our retractable awnings help reduce the dangerous effects of the sun while providing protection from the elements. A valuable addition to your patios, decks, and porches, our outdoor awnings prevent rain from ruining gatherings and provide essential protection from sun exposure. Our products are available in several different finishes and over 200 different fabrics.

Solar Screens

Screens can be installed to drop down and prevent up to 99% of UV rays while also protecting from insects. These solar screens greatly reduce the heat while providing a glare-free view of the outdoors. Our solar screens are retractable and are available in many different sizes and shading densities.

Window And Patio Awnings

Our window and patio awnings provide a 160-degree drop-down awning to block out low sun angles. The window awning adjustability allows customers privacy while protecting from the sun’s harmful rays. These patio sun shades add a level of dimension to any home or business and are also available in over 200 fabrics. Eclipse Shading Systems and our Florida partner dealers are committed to providing customers with the very best solar solutions. We pride ourselves in bringing our customers together in their outdoor living areas while protecting them from the elements. We’ve got you covered. Find a dealer in Florida.