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Awnings for Business: Keep Your Customers in the Shade

Have you thought about what a retractable awning could do for your business? Retractable awnings not only serve as an instant marketing medium, but they also are a great way to make your business more inviting. Whether your business is a cafe, bookstore or insurance company, if customers visit your location, a branded awning or a canopy using your company’s colors is an excellent way to draw people in. Awnings and canopies can be used for sidewalk sales, or to provide seating on a warm summer’s day. Your customers will appreciate the extra effort you’ve gone to by providing shade […]

Fall Awning Maintenance

Fall certainly is an awkward season for awnings – what to do? With the occasional rainfall and the leaves beginning to turn (eventually followed by ice, as this winter certainly will bring), it’s definitely a pain to deal with awning maintenance. Even deciding when to use your awning could be a hassle. But with Eclipse, none of that is really an issue. With a motorized retractable awning, you can decide at a moment’s notice what you want to do with your porch, whether that be with guests or by yourself enjoying the day. At my Aunt’s house, we’re always outside […]

Retractable Awnings are a Great Home Investment

Not only do Eclipse retractable awnings create a comfortable environment in and around your home, they’re also a sound home investment. You’re probably wondering what kind of home investment solar shades could possibly provide, but you’ll see that it’s more than you could ever imagine. Eclipse retractable awnings come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, like the patio and pergola shade and the motorized retractable awning. In fact, there are eight main awning styles for you to choose from as well as 200 colors to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect color and style to […]

What Kind of Awning Provides the Best Protection from Sun Elements

Now that you’ve decided to add an awning to your home you’re probably trying to figure out which one will fit your needs the best. You want something that’s aesthetically pleasing while still providing unparalleled protection from the elements. Well it’s good to know that Eclipse retractable awnings can stand up to more than just sunlight. There are a wide variety of solar shades to fit your needs, like the patio and pergola solar shade. You should also consider a motorized retractable awning that allows you to control the amount of sun your outdoor space receives, but the question still […]

How Many People Own Retractable Awnings and Why

Awnings have been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians and Syrians to shade homes and businesses. They were even used to cover sections of the historic Roman Colosseum to protect the patrons from inclement weather in ancient times. Today, awnings are still used to shade homes and business. As time has passed the popularity of awnings has continued to grow. You can even find retractable awnings being used as signs for businesses and providing shade on RVs. The number of people that own awnings of some kind grows daily, so there are not concrete figures that state how […]

How to Winterize Your Retractable Awning

As winter sets in, you’re probably busy making preparations for the cold weather ahead. You’ve put in your storm windows, cleaned your gutters and chimney, and you may have even taken the necessary steps to winterize your deck or patio. But there’s probably one important part of your home that you’ve missed. Have you winterized your retractable awning as well? Make sure you include this on your to-do list before winter weather arrives. Although Eclipse retractable awnings are designed to withstand a wide variety of weather, including extreme winds, intense heat and rain, the freezing temperatures of winter and the […]