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A Great Way to Enjoy Your Summer Outdoors Comfortably & Safely

You’ve already planted your garden, completed the landscaping, bought your lawn furniture and have truly spent time enjoying the outdoors. You step outside on your deck, sit down with your beverage of choice, on your new outdoor furniture and it hits you. Oh no, the sun! It’s out in full force and it’s beaming down on you making you want a little shade. Fortunately, there is an easy solution that can enhance your home and allow you to enjoy your beautiful outdoors more than ever.  The solution is simply the addition of a retractable awning. There are a variety of awnings to […]

5 Things to Ask Before You Buy a Retractable Awning

So you’re in the market for a retractable awning, that’s a wise choice!  But it’s a big purchase, and you’re a smart buyer so you’ll want to do some research before you sign the dotted line.We hope these questions will help you make an informed purchase decision. Where will the awning be installed?For most of our customers, the awning will be over a deck or a door.  Ask if the location will fit your needs and provide the protection from the shade you’re hoping for. How will the awning be mounted?The awning can be mounted to the exterior wall, to the roof […]

Awnings for Business: Keep Your Customers in the Shade

Have you thought about what a retractable awning could do for your business? Retractable awnings not only serve as an instant marketing medium, but they also are a great way to make your business more inviting. Whether your business is a cafe, bookstore or insurance company, if customers visit your location, a branded awning or a canopy using your company’s colors is an excellent way to draw people in. Awnings and canopies can be used for sidewalk sales, or to provide seating on a warm summer’s day. Your customers will appreciate the extra effort you’ve gone to by providing shade […]