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Eclipse Shading Systems® Dealership for your awning needs in Kansas City, Kansas

If you’re purchasing retractable awnings in or near Kansas City, Kansas, Awnings by Haas, Inc is your local Eclipse Shading Systems dealer. Jim and Susan Haas, at the top of their field in product knowledge and professionalism, will visit with you in your home or your business to get the information necessary to Awnings by Haas for your Eclipse retractable awningsdesign the Eclipse custom shading solution that is best for you. Awnings by Haas specialize in solar protection – retractable deck and patio awnings, and interior and exterior solar shades for home and commercial use. The Haas’ call themselves “The Kansas City Design Team” and are here to fulfill your shading residential and commercial shading needs.

Eclipse retractable awnings not only protect you and your family from the harmful rays of the sun, they save money by cutting energy costs. Window awnings can reduce overall energy costs by as much as 33%. Solar radiation comes through untreated glass and is responsible for up to 20% of the load on your air conditioning system. Eclipse retractable awnings prevent solar heat gain through glass and can reduce indoor temperatures by as much as 55-65% on southern facing windows and as much as 75% on western exposure, reducing inside temperatures as much as 15 degrees.

Eclipse retractable awnings protect your health and your home, help you save on energy costs, and expand your outdoor living space. Eclipse Shading Systems and our nationwide local dealerships work as a team to supply our customers with the best solar protection for homes and businesses. Eclipse Shading Systems solar protection products from Awnings by Haas in Kansas City are a natural, simple, low-cost way to reduce heat gain and lower your electric bills. “Unless your house is covered in moss, you need shade from Awnings by Hass!”