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Llaza of Spain – the Best Retractable Awning Frames in the World

The world’s best retractable awnings, Eclipse, use frame components manufactured by Llaza of Spain. Llaza is one of the largest awning frame manufacturers in Europe and for over 35 years has been dedicated to solar protection products.

llaza retractable awning bracketsLlaza brackets hold your Eclipse retractable awning to the wall and provide the powerful support needed to support and protect the traction system, rolling tubes, and arms that allow the awning to extend and retract. For more than 45 years, Llaza has been dedicated to innovative solar protection systems with the vision of being the global benchmark in sun protection. Llaza made awning history by creating the first retractable arm awning model in 1972.

Innovative design, technology, and teamwork are the hallmarks of Eclipse solar protection products. Eclipse Shading Systems® only uses Llaza of Spain manufactured frame components, primarily made of aluminum to provide strength, durability, and long life to your retractable awnings.

Eclipse awnings provide UV sun protection and add value to homes and commercial structures while creating shade that offers cooler outdoor seating and reduced heat gain indoors. Reducing air-conditioning use and creating energy savings that help to protect our environment.

Eclipse shading products are custom designed and installed by our certified dealers nationwide. Together, we bring you the Eclipse promise of Excellence and Llaza awning frames help to bring this excellence to you. Eclipse Shading Systems partners with the builders of the finest awning components found anywhere – Llaza of Spain.