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Proper Awning Maintenance & Care for Your Eclipse Shading Products

Proper awning maintenance is essential. Your Eclipse retractable awnings are taking good care of you, doing the job you hoped they would. You know you can count on them for cooling shade on hot sunny days. You are enjoying how much cooler the house feels when you go inside and getting equal pleasure from saving money on your air conditioning bills. Eclipse Shading Systems® are constructed with advanced technology and we use the finest water resistant, UV protected 100% acrylic awning fabric along with weather resistant long lasting GORE® Tenara® thread. Modern awning fabrics are marine grade and made to resist fading, rot, and mildew for as long as eight years.

Eclipse retractable awnings are the ultimate sunblockNow it’s time to return the favor and take good care of your Eclipse retractable awnings so that they can have a long, attractive life and keep you cool for years to come. Eclipse retractable awnings don’t need much in the way of awning maintenance to keep them looking great and performing at their best. Here are a few simple tips to help you keep your awning from premature aging and prevent damage.

To enjoy the luxury of your Eclipse retractable awnings for many years to come, give them a monthly once-over by doing the following:

o Don’t let freestanding water hang around. To protect again mildew and eventually rot, hose off the awning and make sure it is debris and stain free.
o Hose off the tops of your awnings with mild soap and clear water.
o Take a regular broom and gently brush the underside of the awning.
o Take a good look at the frame to make sure it is rust free to prevent deterioration and staining of fabric.