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Protect Your Awnings from High Winds

Lately, there have been some sunny days that are warm enough to spend a little time outdoors on the patio and you love relaxing outside, thinking of long summer days to come. It’s also that time of year when quickly changing weather with strong March winds and rain can come on suddenly with little warning and cause extensive damaging to your retractable awnings. An unpredicted strong gust of wind can get under your awning fabric, causing it to lift beyond its endurance. You can make sure that your awnings are not damaged in wind and heavy rain by being aware of harsh weather conditions before they happen. Eclipse Shading Systems® selection of retractable awnings are constructed with the highest quality hardware and fabrics available in the industry and can withstand light wind and rain, but to be extra cautious listen to the weather forecast in the morning before you leave the house.

awnings from EclipseIf they’re calling for winds or gusts of wind 15-20 miles per hour, keep your awning rolled up until you return home. Following a rainstorm, make sure to check the fabric for any rain left on the fabric that might be puddle and gently clear debris away to prevent fabric from staining or stretching. Utilizing exclusive Eclipse technology, our awnings are designed for solar protection and they enhance the beauty of your home. Eclipse retractable awnings create additional outdoor living space so that when summer does finally get here, you can make the most of your relaxing and entertaining time under the cool shelter of your backyard retreat. Take care of your Eclipse retractable awnings and your awnings will continue to take care of you!